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4 thoughts on “ZINC COMICS UNORTHODOX #009

  1. Reblogged this on Skywalker Storyteller Works and commented:
    Although some may think this is macabre, the only guaranteed thing in life is death.

  2. I love this! I have shared it on facebook to go with this mp3: This Mortal Coil: Stephen Jenkinson on the dearth of elders in our society: https://player.fm/series/nightlife-1251392/this-mortal-coil-stephen-jenkinson-on-the-dearth-of-elders-in-our-society?fbclid=IwAR1eS6eG9siqcnxteWX4HDeajgKSIsgt1tI0mlp02YoS2rRVywINcLb0Kak In a nutshell: ELERS ARE MISSING FROM SOCIETY! A must listen too, truthful, yet controversial, for old people in denial, who are not conditioned to die and have left a legacy of despair due to them always pursuing their ‘pay day’ and their unwillingness to live with limits. “Elders are missing from society!” Stephen Jenkinson(author of Come of Age: the case of Elderhood in a time of trouble) says. “in the West, elderly people are not taking on their responsibility to be ‘true elders’ wise people who can direct younger people and create a sustainable world..”We have an old population, yet we have the least sustainable way of life that we’ve ever seen, and there is causal relationship between the elderly and this way of life, thus they are part of the problem, yet refuse to accept they are….. They talk about hope, yet they lay no map for the future, because hope is hostile to the present, and they grew up in a world of possibilities that the young just don’t have…. Young people say that old people don’t have much for them, not much that is admirable, given the state of the current world, and young people are inheriting a deeply maligned world from the older generation, who took everything they could and now the kids are paying the piper. Kids are looking for ‘ the wisdom of the elders” and instead they are just finding the selfish old! They would love to find an old person that they were wrong about! ” When dealing with dying patients, Stephen says, that no matter what belief system the old person came from, whether religious, agnostic or athetistic, no one was prepared for death, instead of befriending it and making peace with death…”

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