Brian Payne is a cartoonist from beneath the underground and the creator of Zinc Comics. Zinc Comics is a unique style like Cool Jazz, Pop Art, and Gonzo Journalism. The Zinc Comics Group includes numerous “netcomix” as well as a series of periodicals self-published under Payne’s own Darshan Studios imprint. Brian was born in Ottumwa, Iowa just like “Radar O’Reilly.” He currently lives with his wife, Skywalker, in Homer, Alaska, “the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea.”

Zinc Comics and all related original content are © 2012 – 2022 Brian Payne. All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “ARTIST BIO

  1. Brian cannon says:

    Wow, Radar and TOM. that explains alot. must be something in that IOWA water.I bought a TOM ARNOLD watch when he was married to never stops ticking and came in a giant hairy box.

  2. Aaron the Ogre says:

    Brian, I have enjoyed following your blog for quite a while. Your inks are solid and you writing is quite good. So, I’ve nominated you for a “One Lovely Blog Award.” To read the nomination blog, go to this link:

  3. What a way cool blog. Look forward to chatting with you sometime over the comment section and such.

  4. Thank you for following. I find your cartoons very appealing! 😀

  5. sepultura13 says:

    Alaska is beautiful…beware the mosquitoes! 😉

  6. aipman1 says:

    I wanted to let you know that I have set up your publication to be reviewed in the NEXT issue of Indyfest Magazine. You can view the listing, and make sure I have things right as far as who did what and where to send people to buy it here:

    If you wish to add your own blurb of what the issue is about, etc, or make any changes, please use our submission form to do so. You can also use it to set up more of your publications with us (and we will accept PDFs of them as well).

    We would love it if you would consider opening an account with Indyfest, we are building networking tools (you get your own facebook-like page and can build friends lists, etc) as well as working with other companies like King Chan’s Comics Underground Distribution, and we’re working on setting up printing. You can open up your own store in our system and sell PDFs and copies direct, while being linked in to the global cart and publicity system. Feel free to ask questions either direct to me, or in our forum. Use the top/left Indyfest navigation drop-down to see all the hubs of activity we have set up.

  7. Bryan says:

    Somebody handed me your 25th anniversary newsprint edition on the street in Columbus, OH. I really enjoyed it – thanks for doing cool things.

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