As some of you may have noticed, many of my prior comics posts have gone missing recently. Unfortunately, due to Photobucket‘s NEW terms of service much of my digital footprint was erased overnight and much of the ZiNC COMICS online archives have been destroyed in one fell swoop. Photobucket service has been rather problematic for quite some time but since it was free it was hard for a starving artist to complain much. However for their third party hosting service to go from totally free to a $399.00 charge per year overnight, destroying almost 10 years of my work and established online links retroactively, is rather bad business methinks.

My fear of something like this happening at some point, just as it did once before with Webcomics Nation, is one of the main reason I’ve been “Johnny Appleseeding” the internet with ZINC of late. I’m trying to make sure that at least some my art work will always be “out there” for those willing to look. I have to think that this is the main reason why comics printed on actual paper will never become completely obsolete or unnecessary as well.  Yet, needless to say, there will be some significant changes in how and where I post my “ZiNC COMICS” online from this point on  but I am hopeful that they will be so subtle that even longtime readers of my art blog won’t even notice.

To be on the safe side, I’ve archived my most recent comic panels on one of the oldest webcomics host sites, The Duck (click this link)  and will be posting all the new ones there, too.  To quote Bolan, “all my favorite people… you gotta think ZINC!”

5 thoughts on “BY WAY OF EXPLANATION…

  1. Reblogged this on Skywalker Storyteller Works and commented:
    This is an important note about the drawings in this series.

  2. Smeary Soapbox Press says:

    That’s terrible! A pretty drastic change in treatment of their account holders, to be sure. Not that it’s any consolation, but the page on Duck looks great – I love the logo there. While you’d be putting yourself at the mercy of another switch in Terms of Service, remember that even free WordPress accounts come with a ton of image storage; I’ve been adding files there for years, and am nowhere near filling up my allotted space…

    • zinccomics says:

      I appreciate your sympathetic and encouraging words, pal. The plan is to start posting new “Zinc Comics Unorthodox” strips here on Saturday albeit the complete three panel scroll. I’ll only be posting the individual panels on The Duck from now on. I will be hosting the actual images I post here or at least until another viable option presents itself and I use up my allotted storage space.

      • Pablo Cuzco says:

        WordPress and GoogleDrive are my best options. Gdrive gives 15 gb free storage and WP provides great hosting for me since 2009. The export to my hard drive function makes it almost bulletproof.

    • zinccomics says:

      I’m kind of a luddite, Pablo, so much of what you just wrote is a little over my head. However, I still got the gist of it, I think. I appreciate both your suggestions and your continued support of me and my wife’s collaborative haiku comic project.

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