#14 OF 52 GIRLS

 photo 52GIRLS14-1_zpsbda20faa.jpg

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4 thoughts on “#14 OF 52 GIRLS

  1. Reblogged this on Skywalker Storyteller is Rigzenchomo and commented:
    Creative Collaboration. Enjoy.

  2. These are cool. Sort of the vibe I have to my own work at times. Any plans for these beautiful gems? What led you to this series? Just wondered. Of course, the girls can speak for themselves.

    • zinccomics says:

      Last year, I received the gift of 52 haikus from my lovely wife, Skywalker, for my 52nd birthday. Since there are also 52 weeks in a year I thought it would perhaps be a good idea to make a weekly mini-comic and (to paraphrase Dave Sim) draw cute girls in my best “photo-primitive” style reciting the wonderful haikus she had given me. I then posted three single panels from these comics each week on my blog.

      However, once my ‘Old 52″ mini-comic project was complete, I received a gift of yet more haikus and was inspired to draw this new “52 GIRLS” pin-up series. I felt my wife’s writing lost something in translation in my earlier mini-comics due to the fact they were delivered one line at a time and panel by panel with a day’s wait in between. Therefore, I decided a single pencil drawing with a complete haiku would perhaps be a better showcase for both of us.

      I’d like to make a calendar with the “GIRLS” at some point but it remains to be seen if I actually do or not.

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