#12 OF 52 GIRLS

 photo 52GIRLS12-1_zps94af5336.jpg

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4 thoughts on “#12 OF 52 GIRLS

  1. Reblogged this on Skywalker Storyteller is Rigzenchomo and commented:
    The collaboration continues. Enjoy.

  2. Your haiku are amazing and especially refreshing seeing how we’re awash in haiku these days, most of which I’ve been mentally referring to as McHaiku.

    But yours are completely legit and the juxtaposition of them with the pinups is jarring in a oh so wonderful way. Put me down for one huge ‘LIKE’ on everything you’re doing here, Brian.

    Great stuff.

    • zinccomics says:

      Thank you kindly, Kurt. However, I can’t take any credit for the amazing Haikus as they are all written by my wonderful wife, Skywalker, (see the comment above yours) this is why the work is signed Payne Z as there are two of us. Yet, I am definitely the one responsible for juxtaposing her Haikus with the my own pin-up drawings. Regardless, we’re glad you “LIKE” our artistic collaborations thus far. We hope you’ll stick around for all “52 GIRLS” too.

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